Article Abstract

Lingnan expert consensus on the management of oral nutritional supplements for enhanced recovery after surgery in patients undergoing colorectal surgery (2018 Edition)

Authors: Chuangqi Chen, Jianhui Chen, Liyang Cheng, Zhonghua Chu, Weili Gu, Jiongqiang Huang, Haiping Jiang, Guanghua Li, Zhenhai Lu, Wei Wang, Ligang Xia, Xuehu Xu, Wenfeng Ye, Jiang Yu, Jinlong Yu, Changhua Zhang, Chuxiong Zhao, Zongheng Zheng, Guangdong Medical Doctor Association Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Branch


Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS), initially known as “fast track surgery” (FTS) or “enhanced recovery protocol” (ERP), was originally pioneered in Denmark by Professor Henrik Kehlet, a professor from the University of Copenhagen. Today, this approach has been widely applied in surgery, anesthesia, nursing, and many other professional fields, achieving remarkable results.