Pancreatic metastasis of renal clear cell carcinoma: a case report and literature review

Jianfeng Li, Yuting Liu, Tian Deng, Shaohua Yang, Jingyao Chen, Wenhui Wu, Yulong He


Metastatic pancreatic tumor is relatively rare in clinic, accounting for only 2–5% of pancreatic cancer. About 50% of metastatic pancreatic tumor are caused by renal cell carcinoma. The symptoms of the tumor have no specificity but strong concealment. Most patients show no difference from ordinary population before the disease worsens. A small number of patients may have abdominal distention and pain, poor appetite, etc. Besides, there may be obstructive jaundice when the tumor blocks the common bile duct, and it can cause pancreatitis in the case of pancreatic duct obstruction. The case to be reported was asymptomatic and a mass of the head of the pancreas was found on examination. The diagnosis of this case depends mainly on ultrasound puncture to obtain pathological results, and CT can exert auxiliary effect during diagnosis. In addition, surgical resection is an effective means to treat this disease, and targeted therapy can be accepted as an alternative therapeutic approach.