A case of ectopic bronchogenic cyst in the stomach and a review of relevant literature

Jianfeng Li, Yuting Liu, Qian Deng, Jianlong Jiang, Hong Chen, Changhua Zhang, Yulong He


Bronchogenic cyst is a type of residual embryonic cystic gland resulting from bronchial dysfunction during embryonic development. It is a disease caused by abnormal development. Ectopic bronchogenic cysts are rarely encountered in clinical practice. Their growth rate is usually slow, and the onset is insidious. These cysts mostly develop into diseases after the patient reaches adulthood. The clinical symptoms are not typical. Computed tomography (CT) can assist in diagnosis, although the final diagnosis requires pathology. Bronchogenic cysts rarely have malignant development, and surgical resection is the only method for treating this disease. Cysts should be completely removed with the capsule to the fullest extent possible during surgery. There is currently no reported case of recurrence and metastasis when the cyst has ruptured.