Symptomatic annular pancreas in an adult: an unusual cause of abdominal pain

Amir Shabaka, Patricia Mateos-Sánchez, Blanca Amador-Borrero, José Antolín, Ramón Cigüenza


Annular pancreas is a rare congenital disorder that results in a ring of pancreatic parenchyma that surrounds the second portion of the duodenum, and it usually presents in newborns and infants. When the constriction is severe enough to cause obstruction it usually presents itself in newborns and infants with symptoms of gastric outlet obstruction, and is associated with other congenital abnormalities. When the constriction is not severe enough, it usually passes unnoticed to adulthood. Most cases remain asymptomatic for life, and when symptomatic it is rarely diagnosed. We present a case of an annular pancreas in an adult that developed severe symptoms that required surgical management.